Saturday, August 9, 2008

Welcome to the Investment Property Rumour Mill

Welcome to the investment property rumour mill.

This blog is here to inform you of what is really going on the the world of overseas real estate.

Over the past few years an insane fever has been thrust upon the public with regards to buying property overseas, here you can find out what is really happening, who is still in business, whether your property will be delivered on time, and if there is ever any chance that you can really buy to let like the salesman said, or even sell at all at completion.

Real estate agents are going under at a rapid rate of knots, many leaving no contact for the clients, and no support. Developers are filing for voluntary liquidation right left and center, and the only people left to hold the baby are the confused lawyers (many also filing for protection) and the agents who have sold and are not getting paid.

The aim here is to enlighten public as to what is going on, provide some insight as to what might happen, but also shed some light on what the future of the property investment world holds.

There will be some doom and gloom here, and we will attempt to keep it as balanced as possible. Feel free to make a comment, we do read them, and where suitable we will publish, but please respect that we have to be careful and reserve the right to edit. there are certain companies out there with cult mafia type attitudes that just either throw money at their lawyers, or threaten to come and see you with a bat. They know who they are, I am sure they will comment, but if the cap fits!

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