Friday, October 30, 2009

MRI Overseas Property Wound Up

Hi Folks!

Apologies for our lack of posting of late, however albeit a little slow, we bring the news that our old chums MRI Overseas Property Limited in the UK would have appeared to call it a day!

Yup, closed the doors. (Oh no, hold on a minute, the offices they were using are now mysteriously being used by DCC International Property, another property company that happens to have some former MRI directors involved)

Announced it would seem by the infamous Dominic Pickering on the 12/10/2009, a copy of the announcement can be seen on this link here from the London Gazette quoting Pickering as the Chairman of the voluntary wind up of MRI Overseas Property Limited.

Other related company statuses are rumoured to be as followed,

MRI TV Limited – in liquidation
MRI Media Limited – in liquidation - wind up date 19/03/2009
MRI TV Limited – in liquidation - wind up date 19/03/2009
Overseas Property Channel Limited -Dissolved
Overseas Property Media Limited 05892062 - Dissolved
Overseas Property Radio Limited 05892065 – Dissolved 19/05/2009
Overseas Property TV Limited 05891996 – Dissolved 19/05/09
Overseas Property TV Magazine Limited 05892016 - Dissolved

To many this news will likely come as no real surprise however, where does this leave all those clients? As in those that got pulled in by the Great Bait and Switch? Those that bought furniture in Bulgaria amongst other places? Who actually did the switching? MRI Construction, or MRI Overseas? Who sold the furniture? There was a time when there still was an MRI website when it stated they didn't actually sell furniture any more and kindly suggested that you contact an "independant company" Solutions Overseas

It would seem it is a little early to tell yet. To even find the notice declaring the winding up statement took a little while, no-one else appears to be publishing the fact clearly on the web. Our tip off came from one of the many help forums for clients of MRI, all of which have their content hidden from the search engines with secure forums these days, most likely for fear of threats of legal action.

No doubt more information will arise very soon, as we have it and can verify it, rest assured, we will bring it to you. If you would like any Investment Property Rumours as they are published, just sign up free using the e-mail subscription tool on the right hand side of the page. (Don't forget to confirm your subscrition!)

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