Thursday, December 4, 2008

Another Mysterious Inside Track

Well well, it never rains, it pours!

This week we see a story about another Inside Track. This time in the Middle East. Developers Al Barakah responsible for the "tallest tower in Ajman" Police are looking for the CEO Imran Khan after allegedly defaulting on $3.8 million USD worth of cheques.

The story goes according to the Dubai 7 Stars blog and The National Newspaper that the company was offering 50% profits in 6 months. Nothing illegal about that of course, the likelihood of it however takes a bit of believing to say the least!

Buyers however still bought in their droves, some buying entire floors of buildings in the traditional greedy sheep mentality that gripped the Dubai market place.

Now buyers with their bouncing cheques are flocking to the police after not being able to find Kahn. Strangely his house is empty! To rub salt, or maybe sand into the wounds, Al Barakah is registered in Ras al Khaimah (RAK) a tax free offshore zone, as an offshore company, the marketing company, aptly named "Inside Track Real Estate Brokers LLC" is a limited liability company in Dubai, quite likely as an offshore company too.

Perhaps Mr Kahn has an offshore company in Panama too like our other inside track chums?

Apparently staff at the sales agency has received death threats and not been paid, no projects are registered at the Ajman land department and no-one has anywhere too turn. The official real estate body in the region RERA is reported to be coming up with some cunning plan or another to deal with all of this, but considering it has only thought of 12 laws and decrees since 1997 on its website, it could be a little while.

As they say in Arabia, Enchala! (God Willing)


Anonymous said...

I am also the victum of Al Barakha, inside track real estate brokers in Dubai. i bought 2 bed room apartment.
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