Monday, March 16, 2009

Strange Seminars for Bulgaria Owners

After a short break away from the day to day rumour world we have returned to a barrage of gossip and rumour about developments in Bulgaria!

It would appear that a certain company happens to be holding seminars for existing clients that have paid deposits. The intention of the seminars seems to be a little muddled at the moment. Some say it appears to be a bid to save clients apartments and/or funds, some say it seems to be a bid to extract more cash.

Not being a client of the company in question, we obviously cannot get into one of these jollies to get actual facts. If you happen to have been to a seminar about your Bulgarian property either in Manchester (Saturday 14th March 2009) or Dublin, (Sunday 15th March 2009) Or if indeed you have been invited to another such Bulgaria property seminar/meeting in Dublin this Wednesday 18th March, please do get in touch via the comments link, or send an e-mail to the feedburner link if you are subscribed on there. It would seem both Bansko and Sunny Beach developments are involved.

It could be of course that we are barking up the wrong tree entirely. Those of you that follow our blog regularly though will know that we are likely onto something though. We cannot at this point disclose which company we are talking about, having said that, it is one of the usual suspects and we wouldn't want to be shut down entirely before we got the full story out would we?

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