Friday, October 30, 2009

MRI Overseas Property Wound Up

Hi Folks!

Apologies for our lack of posting of late, however albeit a little slow, we bring the news that our old chums MRI Overseas Property Limited in the UK would have appeared to call it a day!

Yup, closed the doors. (Oh no, hold on a minute, the offices they were using are now mysteriously being used by DCC International Property, another property company that happens to have some former MRI directors involved)

Announced it would seem by the infamous Dominic Pickering on the 12/10/2009, a copy of the announcement can be seen on this link here from the London Gazette quoting Pickering as the Chairman of the voluntary wind up of MRI Overseas Property Limited.

Other related company statuses are rumoured to be as followed,

MRI TV Limited – in liquidation
MRI Media Limited – in liquidation - wind up date 19/03/2009
MRI TV Limited – in liquidation - wind up date 19/03/2009
Overseas Property Channel Limited -Dissolved
Overseas Property Media Limited 05892062 - Dissolved
Overseas Property Radio Limited 05892065 – Dissolved 19/05/2009
Overseas Property TV Limited 05891996 – Dissolved 19/05/09
Overseas Property TV Magazine Limited 05892016 - Dissolved

To many this news will likely come as no real surprise however, where does this leave all those clients? As in those that got pulled in by the Great Bait and Switch? Those that bought furniture in Bulgaria amongst other places? Who actually did the switching? MRI Construction, or MRI Overseas? Who sold the furniture? There was a time when there still was an MRI website when it stated they didn't actually sell furniture any more and kindly suggested that you contact an "independant company" Solutions Overseas

It would seem it is a little early to tell yet. To even find the notice declaring the winding up statement took a little while, no-one else appears to be publishing the fact clearly on the web. Our tip off came from one of the many help forums for clients of MRI, all of which have their content hidden from the search engines with secure forums these days, most likely for fear of threats of legal action.

No doubt more information will arise very soon, as we have it and can verify it, rest assured, we will bring it to you. If you would like any Investment Property Rumours as they are published, just sign up free using the e-mail subscription tool on the right hand side of the page. (Don't forget to confirm your subscrition!)

If you feel you have affected by any the business antics performed by MRI Overseas Property, feel free to comment in the comments section, although please keep it clean, and don't leave any personal details, we cannot publish posts that contain either.


Anonymous said...

I am a real estate agent who used to compete with MRI in Brazil and they were ruthless in the way they treated their clients.

Because MRI would want at least 10 or 15% commission they would be forced to put the price up of the developments they sold. So a poor client would see a development with MRI, do some research on the Internet and find they could buy the same a lot cheaper with us.

Of course the client would be forced to go through MRI as the developer could contractually not accept the client through us, so no sale would occur (unless the client was really stupid, and some were).

So I for one am glad to see the back of MRI and Darragh M, but I do feel sorry for the clients of MRI left in the lurch.

A minor consolation is that Darragh needs to travel with bodyguards everywhere he goes and is meant to have some nasty Bulgarians chasing him for money. Here's hoping that what goes around comes around.

Anonymous said...

It was inevitable. Now they have left their bad debts and old clients to deal with the liquidators, just to start up another phoenix company.
Anyone dealing with any of the operators at MRI, Darragh M or DCC International Property in the future need their heads tested.
These people where serious rip off merchants. I know hundreds of people left without properties, furniture packs and paid for memberships through MRI.

john a said...

Is MACAnthony Realty Spain part of the group and has it gone into liquidation too? If anyone has info I would appreciate it at thanks as this company has taken around euro1m from furniture sales in Cape Verde and supplied no furniture!

Anonymous said...

I and my colleagues have been one of the many who have and are being taken for a ride with MRI - any help out there would be appreciated. Does anyone know if MRI construction still exists??? - we have heard they are about to be taken over by Balkanstroy!!!. We are being hassled for outstanding balances but have lost all faith.

Also has anybody had dealings with Vista Capital, we are trying to find if the 2 companies are linked.

Anonymous said...

Vista Capital is a scam from either ex-MRI'ers in Spain or MRI itself as an off-shoot.

They have contacted hundreds of MRI clients in the last two months with promises of 'fractional buyers' or 'fractional investors' willing to buy your apartment for far more than it is worth yet more than you paid for it.

That is the 'hook' in this scam. Then you are asked to put up a fat upfront fee in the thousands to 'secure' the sale.

For example we have a Aspen Golf studio for sale for 17,500 euros fully furnished and yet Vista Capital is contacting unfurnished Ag owners and informing them they have fractional buyers willing to buy their unfurnished studio apartment for 62,000 euros.

Why wouldn't VC just buy our resale furnished studio for 17,500 euros and make a huge profit selling back to their alleged fractional investors?

BUYER BEWARE regarding Vista Capital. Just another fractional ownership scam. ie Timeshare with a bit of new paint on it.

Also be on the look out for posts supporting Vista Capital from an ID such as ;

Pat Neil
Neil Long
Thomas Neil

These are false posts from someone with Vista Capital who is not bright enough even to change his ID's completely.

Patrick Shaw

David hogard said...

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Economic Instability - In many parts of the world economic instability can lead to demonstrations and crime. The added cost of having a full time security guard to patrol your property can seriously affect your bottom line. In addition, you may not feel safe in a country with a high level of crime.

Lifting Creme said...

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Anonymous said...

Seller please note that Patrick Shaw of resellmyapartment is a serial con man who owes money everywhere his company charge an upfront fee to sell for you which they dont sell
They try all things such as name calling and slandering other companies using hidded google ad words the net is closing in on Patrick and he can expect a visit very soon

Anonymous said...

More bad news on Resellmyapartment and Patrick Shaw lots of bad reports from people in Bulgaria

here is anothe link

Patrick Shaw said...

We are a true estate agency in Bansko and Sunny Beach Bulgaria.

And yes we do run ads warning people off certain developments and marketing scams.

One of those quite large marketing scams is from either MRI or ex-MRI and it is called ;

Vista Capital

Which gives over the top valuations to owners in Bulgaria which are MRI victims, tells the owner they have buyers waiting to purchase their apartment and then charges 1,500 pounds to 'represent' them.

It is a scam 100%. We have dozens of owner contacts that have contacted us after Vista Capital has taken their money and done nothing.

In fact the crooks at Vista dislike us so much that a few comments above are attributed to them. All "Anonymous" of course.

As long as we have stooped more people from being ripped off again we don't care. If you need clients referrals of buyers or sellers please conact us.

Patrick Shaw
Managing Partner

Anonymous said...

Patrick Shaw is a scam artist.He ripped me off too, complete con man. You will get whats coming to must have more cout cases against you than a full time crook, please all, dont be stupid to contact this man, all he wants is your money. I have had the same experience, his 'cheap' properties never seem to exsist when you are looking them. I can count on 2 hands the amount of people that you have ripped off now and are having the heart ache of trying to get there money back. Im shocked by how much presence is on the internet regarding you, I only wish I checked before I ever contacted you. I dont know how you sleep at night Patrick.

Jenny walters

James Murpyh said...

I too had a similar experience with Patick Shaw,
I have given up trying to get my money back. Stay well clear for your own sake. I currently have legal proceedings pending against his company.

James Murphy

Anonymous said...

looks like Patrick Shaw is the scammer not Vista

Anonymous said...

I am an IFA (Independent Financial Advisor) and I sold my property successfully through Vista Capital. Though the process was a complicated one we got there in the end.
I have also recommended five of my clients two of which have reached a successful conclusion and three still in progress.
It seems very strange to me that Patrick Shaw of Resellmyapartment is the only person on this site giving Vista Capital a bad name and he has submitted similar posts on other forums using various aliases
In my 25 years in business I have never slagged of my competition.

Mark Johnson

Anonymous said...

I used to work for MRI and believe they are the biggest scanners ever. Darragh Macanthony who is now the chairman of Peterbourgh United FC is the most dishonest person I have ever met. It would not surprise me if most of the comments on this blog were fro
one of his new companies like Vista Captial. Stay well clear of him. He has made him self rich buy lying and losing a lot of Mums and Dads there life savings.

Anonymous said...

I am a "Life Memeber" of the MRI Investors Club!! With a new property about to come on line in Egypt. This looks OK but the agent/Furniture pack/assistance does not look like happening. Does anyone know how I can get my money back for this "membership" or who I might try sueing for? I understand that they are now tradi ng under a diffrent name is this so? Can this be legal? Any help would be good as to how I can proceed againts them.

Unknown said...

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Anonymous said...

Today, and for the past few weeks, i've been trying to contact Vista Fractional with no response. Yes, I dealt with them and i'm wondering is there anything I can do to take them on. I've more than likely been "robbed", I really want to get them back for it. James Spence, Louise Spence,George Layton,David Wilson,David Cavendish,Candice Hurdle are the names of people who dealt with me, their names on emails etc, it has cost me aprox £1500.00.

Anonymous said...

I was scammed by Vista Capital also. They are a bunch of scumbags. And I will get them. That Darragh Mc Anthony bloke needs a good kicking if you ask me. I bought from them in Spain and they tried to rip me off on furniture packs and membership to this and that. My wife in her innocence handed over money to them....
But I got it back off them/him. No need to know the how and why...... On my mothers grave that lot in Manchester will pay me all I'm due soon. Trust me my friends. And before anyone starts any bullshit I'm an angry Irishman with nothing to do with any of these scammers. I also had no idea Vista had anything to do with MRI and I'm ashamed that MacAnthony calls himself an Irishman and Ihope his father,who worked for him is a proud man

Alannah said...

Speaking as someone who has been scammed by MRI myself, I thought you might like to know that a group of us is taking on MRI and Vista through a company called CPC Holding in Durham, UK. You can check out their website if you are interested. They have taken me on as a "No Win No Fee" case, so I have nothing to lose. If I can get anything back from these evil people I will be happy.

Alannah said...

Could have sworn I posted here yesterday, but it seems to have disappeared.
I just wanted to say that I have also been a victim of the infamous MRI, and I am doing something about it. I am with a group of people who are going through a firm called CPC Holding (you can google them on the internet) to get some of my money back. They are no win, no fee, so I have nothing to lose. And if I can get back at them for all the trouble they have caused me I will be satisfied.