Saturday, September 5, 2009

MRI - Strange New Marketing Tactics

Well folks, after a long break we are back!

The summer tends to be a fairly quite period in the investment property game with many companies either taking time off, or spending some time finding new products or, dreaming up some elaborate new marketing ideas.

Whilst browsing around the search engines, we came across a very strange marketing tactic indeed, especially as far as the web is concerned. As a rule, if you have a web site, all of your content and articles really should be relevant to what you do. For instance, if you have a site that sells cars, linking to or having articles and blogs about funeral services is a waste of time, and will likely have a negative effect on your site.

It would seem though (and you can see for yourself) that MRI Overseas Property seem to be doing just that.

After only about 20 minutes of browsing, we found sites from MRI Overseas that would teach us about minimizing stress, stop the extinction of life, teach us about self improvement, recycling and even educate us about public speaking!

Now one has to wonder what exactly the relevance of those subjects has to do with overseas property? The reality is, nothing at all.

So, why do it? Has MRI begun to diversify into "stress free eco friendly self improved shouting on stage?" We doubt that.

A educated guess here is to battle the constant heat surrounding them in the search engines. Almost any term or phrase surrounding MRI pulls up complaints and heat of some description in the search engines which of course is not good for them. By publishing so much irrelevant drivel is purely a ploy to clog up the search engines with their brand name using blogs.

In fairness, had they done it with slightly different blog platforms, they might have succeded, but the way it is at present, it really is doing them no favours.

Having said that, we could of course be completely wrong! Perhaps we are all soon to be invited to fancy exhibitions about how we can reduce the stres induced by buying an overseas investment property that is now apparently worthless and won't be completed, so we really should forget about it and buy another one on the other side of the continent! Wouldn't that be nice!

You can see the the blogs in question by copying and pasting the links below. (Our legal begal suggested we shouldn't link directly for copyright reasons)

If follow this link though, you can see who all the sites are registered to for yourself

Surely the time, effort and money would be slightly better spent on dealing with the client issues and complaints themselves rather than publishing entirely unrelated waffle? Just our 2 cents.


We will be delving into the last years worth of data to see which articles have been the most read, and how people have found us. A first glance there are some fairly obvious ones, but there are one or two pleasent surprises!

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