Wednesday, December 30, 2009

2009 Most Read Investment Property Rumours

Well folks, as 2009 draws to a close we thought we would dig about in our statistics and see exactly what was popular this year as far as rumours in the real estate world were concerned.

A couple of the articles were removed so instead we have linked back to the page we published explaining the reasons, it goes to show though that the articles in question were correct and accurate at the time, and still are now.

We have linked the titles into the pages for easy ready reading. feel free to comment if you wish (no swearing please!).

2009 was a tough year for the industry, many companies have simply closed, many however opting to just disappear altogether or failing that just hide and not answer the phone!

We hope here at the Investment Property Rumour Mill that we have provided an informative insight into what happens in this industry, and it would seem a few of our predictions have been correct. As for 2010, we should start to see some recovery for the most part by the summer providing the bankers of the world don't make another mess, and the media decide not to shoot everyone in the foot with their doom and gloom!

Top tip for 2010? If you are going to buy abroad, it would still seem Brazil is the place to go. The 2016 Olympics will ensure the influx of international trade and investment for some time to come, with any luck Brazil will make the most of it. If you do buy though, don't just buy for the sporting factor. Nice as it is at the time, most resorts will not stay sustained after the event. The main cities though will. Bear in mind the oil and gas fields in the country that have yet to be developed which will provide income for many years to come.

Top Investment Property Rumours!

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Exclusive Interview - Chris McCarthy - VIVA Estates
DAMAC Downsizes - Rumour Confirmed
Another Mysterious Inside Track

The above are just the top 20 posts this year, there are plenty more in the archives. Those marked above with a (*) relate to removed posts that involve MRI and their many guises.

We look forward to bring you more from the investment property world, hopefully alot more positive than that of late.

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Have a happy New Year!